Our Purpose is to help point your customers in the right direction, locally.

From the start, we've kept one thing in mind: provide an easy and affordable way for people to market their products and services locally, from their website. Our journey has been quite a ride, from our humble beginnings till now. It is a great privelage to have helped thousands of businesses bridge this gap between online and local. We've learned a lot over the years and offer our well seasoned experiences through our intelligent locator software.

Ultimate Locator is the most advanced locator we've ever launched. Our goal is to produce the most affordable and reliable system ever created so our customers feel great about doing business with us.

- Brian Jackson, Co-founder & CEO

Our Leadership

Hudson Oaks, TX.

Our administrative office in Hudson Oaks, TX. You can find us working daily from 9am - 4pm.

Brian Jackson
CEO / Co-Founder

Brian is our CEO and drives the overall strategic vision while overseeing all facets of the company's operations

Brock Mangus
CFO / Co-Founder

Brock is our CFO and is a leader in our financial and accounting decisions along with overseeing daily functions for our entire team.

Born 1996

Since 1996, we've been an active web development group and web software supplier offering integrated solutions to help web site owners succeed.

1996 - Web Design / 1st Store Locator Concept

2001-2003 - Find-by-State Launched

2004 - Ultimate Locator v1.0 Launched

2005 - Web Logic Media, Inc. Founded

2012 - Ultimate Locator On Demand Programming & Development Begins

2013 - Jackson Mangus, LLP Founded and assumes leadership

2015 - Ultimate Locator On Demand Service Launched

Our Story

UltimateLocator.com is owned and operated by Jackson Mangus, LLP. We have collectively been providing location based website software since 1996.

What started out as a college dorm concept back in 1996, quickly grew into a viable real world product in its first few years. In the early days, we did a lot of website development. Our clients slowly began asking our team to implement online directories for retail stores and distributors, so their customers could quickly find where to buy their products and services locally. Since the traditional Store Locator search application didn't really exist at this time, we decided to create our own system from scratch.

After a few years of selling our first ever Store Directory system to about a hundred clients, we decided to expand even farther and we began to create new versions that offered even more functionality. In 2001, we started offering our first publicly available commercial script from our website. We called it 'Find-by-State'. It was simple, it was inexpensive and it worked as advertised. Selling price was $29.95 for the base model. We were so proud to be an official software company. Like most software during this period, its technology was outdated within 2-3 years after its initial release. Good for its time, but too simple for a sustained growth utilizing the latest technologies that were about to be revealed.

In 2003, we decided to invest heavily and become a major player in web based software, with a primary focus on Store Locator applications. We publicly released our new brain child Ultimate Locator in 2004. We developed and integrated our Ultimate Locator system for more than 1,700 clients over the years. Ultimate Locator has become one of the top selling and most trusted Store Locator applications available today.

In 2012, the CEO of Web Logic Media, Inc., Brian Jackson partnered with software development mogul Brock Mangus and formed Jackson Mangus, LLP. With this new partnership comes new ideas, new investments and new technologies. Our rollout application for 2015 is Ultimate Locator On Demand. This will be our flagship Store Locator system that is offered through a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) Cloud delivery model. Ultimate Locator On Demand is our most advanced Store Locator to date, engineered for the most demanding customers who require a top notch system with minimal interaction. Our system is built for the cloud and allows us to offer a fully managed locator system at the best possible price.

We have always strived to be the best at what we do. And we will never deviate from that philosophy. We hope you enjoy using our Ultimate Locator Store Locator system on your website and that it becomes one of the most valuable online tools you offer to your site visitors.

Thank you for your interest in our company and products. We hope you give us the chance to service you, your customers and your website.