Our Impressive Feature Set:
Ultimate Locator includes the following Core Features built into our locator engine for each and every Plan we offer.

Quick & Easy to Integrate

Simply copy/paste our code into your page. Import your list of store addresses. We do the rest.

Online Control Panel

Each Ultimate Locator system you have active gets its own secure Control Panel for easy management. Access with your browser and make changes quickly.

Person, Place or Thing

Our system works great with retail locations, wholesale locations, distributors, people, members, lawyers, doctors, dentists, banks/atms and any other type of location that has a physical address. If it has an address, it works.

Auto-Detect Visitorís Location

Visitors wonít need to search. Their location can be detected automatically and results are shown according to their geographic position. (This feature can be disabled)

Smart Search Box

Visitor can type in just about anything into one search box. Including an Address, City, State or Zip Code.

Plugin Library

Add even more functionality to your core system with plugins. View Plugin Library

Plugins include Product Manager, Advanced Analytics, QR Codes Creator, Social Media, Mobile Devices, 5 Star Ratings, Store Hours, User Login Manager, Dealer Inquiries and Branding Removal.

Embedded Maps

The latest Here.com Maps API from Nokia is utilized to ensure accurate and smooth mapping. Quick loading map screens with basic map view, satellite view or terrain view. Draggable and zoomable with the mouse. Also includes traffic layers.

Driving Directions

Easily allow your visitors to get driving directions to any location.

Custom Map Pins (Markers)

We include a dozen unique map pins or you can use your own custom pins.

Category Filters

Add unlimited categories for easy search filtering for your visitors.

Country List Editor

Only utilize the countries you do business in.

State/Province List Editor

Only utilize the states and/or provinces you do business in.

Online Stores

Show an ordered list of locations that sell your products/services online, with links to their online store.

Email Your Locations

Broadcast an email to all your locations in your system.

Limit Search by IP

Limit the number of searches your visitors can perform.

Hide Fields

You can specify which fields are to be shown or hidden.

Require Fields

For when adding new locations, you can set which fields are required to hold data.

Theme Manager

Easily choose a Theme to match your site. Choose from over 11 premade color palettes.

Custom Themes Too: Easily customize a theme's background color, font, links, hover, title bars, etc. for all elements. Quick 'Click & Pick' color choices so you don't have to fumble with CSS code.

Custom Logo

Upload your custom logo to brand your locator.

Four Integration Methods

Choose from standard links, iFrames, Popup Windows or Lightboxes.


Easily bulk Geocode your locations. All you need to provide is the address and the coordinates will be saved for each of your locations.


See a locationís map pin in the wrong place? Youíll have access to a GeoFix tool where you can drag the map pin around the map and drop it where it really belongs.

Custom User Fields

Create custom User Fields to hold the extra data you wish to present to your users.

Master Location

Have one special location you want displayed first all the time? Consider it done! Perfect for Showrooms, Corporate Stores and Discount Warehouses.

Language Editor

Fully editable language sets for common text and phrases used throughout the system. You can even add language sets to your locator system to offer multiple language options to your visitors.


You'll get a ton a useful information with the basic analytics. You can also add the Advanced Analytics Plugin to keep track of your best locations, best cities, best states, best countries and visitor hit counts and more.

Google Analytics

Easily integrate your google analytics code. Keep tracking alive while your users are inside the locator system.

Customized Maps

Offering many settings to optimize the mapping system to your preferences.

Location Ranking

Rank your locations from 1 to 10 and they'll get displayed accordingly by their rank.

Preferred Locations

Easily make special locations Preferred. They'll get their own background color so they stand out among regular locations.

Auto Find a Match

Never show a ĎSorry, no matches foundí message again. Automatically finds the nearest location regardless of distance. (this feature can be disabled)

Import Wizard

Import any csv list of locations, no matter how the data is formatted. Fields can be in any order.

Export Wizard

Export your list of locations with any/all fields you need.

Cloud Based SaaS Delivery

The locator system runs on our advanced cloud based servers. Reliable Software as a Service performance and ease of use.

Affordable Plans

With plans starting at $7.00/month, you can expand and grow your locator system over time, just like your company. To save even more, get a yearly plan.

Great Support

Get support when you need it via phone or email trouble tickets.

Intuitive Interface

Your locator's graphical user interface (GUI) will be responsive to your visitorís needs and have everything they need to get the info they desire.

American Owned & Operated

UltimateLocator.com is owned and operated in the USA. Our headquarters are in Hudson Oaks, TX (just outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth) and our secure server network is located in Lansing, MI. You'll have a trustworthy and reliable team that stands behind you 100%.

So Many Features Built In. You'll Love It!

No Contracts. No Commitments.
Flexible Plans. Cancel anytime.

Every new plan receives a complimentary 14 Day Free Trial. After that, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime with no penalties. Cancellations are quick and easy right inside your account. No phone call needed.

With plans starting at $10.00 a month, it's easy to get your new locator system launched right away with no delays.

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