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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Credit Card to Order a Plan?

Yes, in order to sign up for your new plan, you will be asked to submit your payment information.

You will get a free 14 Day Trial with any new locator plan, so don't worry about being charged any fees during your trial period.  If you decide to keep the plan active, your subscription will begin after the trial is over.

If you choose to cancel the trial, you can easily do so from within your member account.  We do not require you to phone in and speak to a salesperson, who will attempt to convince you to stay.  You have full control over the subscription plan at all times.  Cancel any time, on your own terms.

How Many Searches do I get?

We do not limit you to a set amount of searches.  It's unlimited.

The only consumption we record is the amount of bandwidth (traffic) that your locator consumes on a monthly basis.

Which Mapping System is Used?

Ultimate Locator utilizes the MAP API from Google Maps.  Which includes Street Views and Driving Directions.

What kind of Website do I Need?

Ultimate Locator can be integrated into any type of website.  If your site is custom made, a CMS System (Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal), a blog, or any other type of site, it will work.  As long as you can paste our code into your page, you can run Ultimate Locator.

How Long Does it Take to Setup my Locator?

Your new locator system will be setup immediately, after your order is placed.  There is no waiting on us.  Place the order and you can start using your new locator system instantly.

How do Plugins Work?

Our Plugins are available for a one time fee.  Buy it once, and use it for the life of your plan.  Plugins are instantly added to your locator system after the order is processed.  Once a plugin is installed, you can enable or disable the plugin easily from within the plugin's settings.

Can I Customize my Locator?

Yes, we have pre-made themes that you can quickly choose from that will best match your site's color palette.  Or you can choose to create your own custom theme and specify the colors that are a perfect match to compliment your website.
We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and because of this delivery model, you will not be able to customize the layout of the locator's output pages.  You can however, change settings and add plugins to your Locator that will allow you to add/remove functionality within the locator.    

How do I login to my Legacy Account?

For all our clients who purchased a license for v1.0 - v3.6, your legacy member account and support system is still intact.  You'll need to visit our Legacy Member Account Login page to access:  


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You can submit a ticket to our ticketing system however you must first create an account.

To create an account or log in, click here.

Legacy clients can get support for Ultimate Locator v1 - v3.6 at our Legacy Support Portal